Posted by: annnorris | June 18, 2014

So Much to be Glad About

Naturally, it is not in me to be positive. I call myself a realist. Don’t ask me a question unless you want an honest answer. I see ways to improve situations, not to just sit back and say, “Wow, great job.” My sweet husband and my ultra sweet daughter, Hailey, find this trait in me hard to swallow. They see the world in a positive light. So, with all that said, I am going to update this blog with the things for which I am glad.

First, I saw Dr. Wilder, my oncologist, on Monday. Apparently, all of my scans came back normal. For that I am both glad and thankful to God. Its very unnerving to go into the doctor office when you are awaiting tests results, and I am just relieved that my body is well.

Second, I stumbled upon another job. Again, like working for Darcy Pattison with Grade Reading, it was a totally God thing. You know, when things just kinda just come together. Debbie Howell Rodgers was looking for a personal assistant. I was browsing Craigslist as I do about once a week just to see what is out there. I came across her add, sent her an email, visited with her yesterday and got a job. I will be working to help her finish, release and market her newest book, Lower Your PSA in 28 Days and Combat Prostate Cancer. I am very excited about this new opportunity and what it will bring to my life experiences. Its my time for a career.


Third, Hailey and Jason got married. It was a beautiful wedding celebrated by everyone who loves them. Thank God for this union. I can’t wait to see what they do in the future and how they will serve God.

Fourth, Jake finished another year of college! He’s not only learning about GIS (Geographical Information Systems), but he is learning life lessons. I think he has learned that he needs to spend more time on his studies and less time on NetFlix. He has learned to live on his own, pay his own bills and rely on himself. And finally, he has learned what it is to have a true job.

Fifth, Mark is no longer working. With that being said, he’s home ALL THE TIME! All the women who have retired husbands can sympathize here. However, we are learning to live together, to forgive, and to have fun together again. Its been a nice thing.

Its been a busy time of year for the Norris’, but God is carrying us and holding us tightly.

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