Posted by: annnorris | June 7, 2013

Reconstruction begins

Reconstruction actually began in April. I had my double mastectomy and survived it. The hideousness has been replaced with acceptance, and the knowledge that soon, very soon, I will have boobs of a 20 year old! Too bad I don’t have the rest of the body to go with them.

So, about every week I go see my reconstruction doctor, Dr. Love, to have interstial fluid drained out of my breasts and saline inserted into the tissue expanders. No problems here. I do have to thank my wonderful children for taking me to these appointments, even when I could drive myself. It gives them a way to help, and I love their company!

Last week, I had an appointment with my oncologist, Dr. Wilder. She DID NOT make me happy! I was pretty much under the assumption that after the reconstruction, I was done. I expected follow up appoints and scans, but basically I would be finished. Now, apparently, it has come down from those medical experts that no one knows, that radiation is recommended for breast cancer patients who were node positive. That was me, although my breast surgeon, Dr. Fant, reported that my nodes are now cancer free. I have an appointment next week with CARTI to talk about radiation therapy. And, my luck, CARTI that was just minutes from my house, is under renovation and closed for the next 3 months! This means that if I do radiation, and its usually a daily treatment, I will have to travel to Searcy or to “Big” Baptist. I will HATE this!

That’s where I am currently. Life is good.

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