Posted by: annnorris | September 21, 2012

Learning Things I’m not sure I wanted to know…

Ok, I’ve recently been having some rough times. There are so many areas of my life that are currently changing and I am not prepared for this all at once! Let me give you my current state of unrest.

About two weeks ago, I had a lumpectomy. This is where the surgeon removes your tumor, removes extra tissue around that previous tumor just for precaution, and takes out a few lymph nodes. Everything went so well. I had very little problem coming out of the anaesthesia. I had very little pain, if really any, for that first week. I didn’t even need to the pain medicine but for the first day. This is a piece of cake, I’m thinking. So Saturday comes around and I am feeling fairly well. I tell Mark the house really needs to get cleaned and asked for his help. (Remind me later to tell you about the awesome man God paired with me). He takes the floors, and I start on the bathrooms. After putting quite a bit of weight on my left side, where my surgery was, I start rethinking this house cleaning. I can feel the pull of the interior stitches telling me they have had enough exercise. At least our floors and bathrooms are clean.

Saturday evening was wonderful, going out with close friends for dinner and then to a piano bar. I loved singing the old songs. Then it hit me. I realized at the piano bar that I am not young anymore. I look at my sweet husband who dressed up for the outing (no one else in the whole place did, except for the bachelorette party beside us who dressed to kill). I look around the bar and realize we are quite possibly the oldest couple in there! Could this really be happening? It must be, for several reasons.

1) I am very aware of how many drinks I consume, whereas for the rest of the bar, are guzzling as fast as possible.  I look at this poor tiny thing celebrating her 21st birthday by  sampling a mixture of quite possibly every single cocktail known to man. Wish I could tell you end of her night, but I am sure she won’t remember dancing with that guy (see #3) and a toilet was probably her best friend.

2) I can’t help but think of the people who could really use all the money being wasted away by our younger generation on alcohol! Also thinking, don’t they realize that if they just go to the liquor store they could buy a whole bottle of Jack for the price in here of 4 drinks!

3) I remember dancing in my early days, but OMGoodness, this wasn’t even dancing, it was pornographic!

4) I wonder while looking at the bachelorette party, does your daddy know what you have on right now? I kid you not, one of the girls had a black dress that was all mesh in the front except for a few very tiny areas. You can bet this wife didn’t like her man sitting so close to that!

5) I would put money on it that every single person there was texting, tweeting or Facebooking the entire time! I have always thought it to be a little rude to sit in front of a real person and text other friends. Am I so wrong in the belief that doing that devalues the friendship of the person RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU!!!

Lesson learned Saturday:  Do not overwork yourself when you are less than a week out from surgery and, YES, I am getting old!

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