Posted by: annnorris | September 1, 2012

Today I Have Breast Cancer

Yesterday morning, my day started off just being a wife to Mark, a mother to Hailey and Jake. Today, I am the lady that has breast cancer.

“You know Ann Norris. She’s the one that has breast cancer.”

“Over there is Mark’s wife, she has breast cancer.”

“That’s Jake’s mom and she’s fighting breast cancer.”

“Hailey, bless her heart, her mom has breast cancer.”

I am sure all of these phrases will be said by someone knowing my family in the coming months. Its just odd that yesterday I was just me. I’ve been thinking a lot about Job. Suppose I need to sit down and really read it, but the basic knowledge is with me. Terrible things keep happening to him, yet he never turns away from God. I wish I knew him, knew how he kept the faith. I suppose he’s like all of us at some time. You take the good. You take the bad. You keep on keeping on.

I have to give you the background of my life. But that will be for another day.

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